We at Beyond Uniqueness are committed to offer something very special, different from the usual travel experiences. We create an inspiring, exciting, relaxing and meaningful journey by combining accommodations, private excursions, gastronomic delights and exclusive wellness experiences all during the same stay with us which, when followed through from the beginning to the end, will leave you refreshed and enriched.

Our trips are completely based around your interests and schedule and we fully personalize each request as we are committed to ensuring your happiness, comfort and travel excitement throughout the whole duration of this life enriching experiences.

As Destination Experience Specialists we offer different, unforgettable and inspiring services along the journey! We define ourselves as private travel advisers and designers specialized in the following regions:


Istrian Peninsula (Croatia), Slovenia, Venice (Italy), Budapest (Hungary)


George Town, Penang (Malaysia)

Meet the Team

Our team is formed of talented professionals who have extensive hospitality experience with excellent performance in their work ethics. All our working professionals will ensure to source places that will make your journey memorable. It will become part of your identity to shine through.

One of our distinct peculiarities will be to surprise you along the way with unique cultural delights you will always remember.

Our passion in meaningful and unique travel will shine through during each journey, as we are committed to always go above and beyond, this is our promise to you!

We make travelling meaningful and get you to know the real identity of the places. Meet the team and discover the people behind The Beyond Uniqueness Experience:


Sascha Sgrazzutti, Founder and Managing Director
He has been travelling and working around the world for the last ten years in different working environments from Europe to Asia which gave him the opportunity to explore and see over 100 countries, set foot on all seven continents and circumnavigate the globe five times. As an international hospitality professional in the traditional luxury environment he gained more and more understanding of what real meaningful and quality travelling means.


Samo Sgrazzutti, Co-Founder and Director
Growing up in an international environment inspired him to travel extensively and gave him the passion to discover and appreciate different cultures around the world. He has been living and working for longer periods in seven different countries and speaks fluent eight languages. He is well aware that travelling these days has become mainstream and that people are looking for something different and authentic during their journey.


Bee Tin Teoh, Co-founder & Head of Operation AsiaBee Tin Teoh, Co-Founder & Head of Operations Asia
Founder of Art Therapy Academy in Malaysia. She has been working in the educational field for years and has passion in human services. Seeing people grow into their purpose of life and find their direction is a call of her life. She works with children, adolescent and adults, she is mindful with cultural needs and would like to be the bridge between the east and the west.


Anzhelika Yushchenko, Head of Sales & Marketing
Born in Ukraine and raised in various countries, Anzhelika is an enthusiastic world traveller. She likes to explore the world through deeper and more intelligent travel, loves unique sights, rugged landscapes, yoga, good food and mindful luxury. Through her work at the Ukrainian Parliament managing official delegations and private business meetings from the state of Qatar and Kuwait she came to fully understand the luxury sector and how it recently changed towards unique and authentic experiences.